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Easy Money Calculator
Our unique calculator makes converting free bets into free cash a doddle! You certainly don't have to do any number crunching yourself because this free tool does all the work for you! It just couldn't be any easier!

How To Make Easy Money
This is the ultimate guide to making risk free profits! It is essential reading for both experienced punters and complete beginners alike. Login or register to download your FREE copy now!

Odds Converter
Most bookmakers let you select what odds format you want to use but there may still be times when you place bets at fractional or American odds. If you do then just use our odds converter to determine the decimal equivalent.

Currency Converter
Most bookmakers allow you to bet in your chosen currency but some don't. Therefore, on occasions, you may bet in one currency and lay off in another. This free tool lets you easily calculate the correct stakes.

Tattersalls Rule 4(c)
There may be times when horses are withdrawn from a race after you have placed your bet. This chart shows the relevant deductions that the bookmaker will apply.




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